small business Girl Friday



MAC & PC (Linux – as needed) + iPad Pro & Pencil

automation & integration
IFTTT & Zapier | Hazel | AutomatorFujitsu ScanSnap

physical & mental health
yoga | bicycle | Houston parks | exploring the 3rd coast


Making the magic happen in many places but mostly at and for Smith’s Opticians.

Ghostwriting – content & social media:

1. Topics included in my formal education, continued learning, and or comprehensive on the job training: communication (interpersonal), small business, case/project management, mental health, self help, psychology, social issues, social services, organization, therapy

2. Topics of interest / vast knowledge but no formal or comprehensive learning aside from self guided exploration (always fully disclosed!): general resources, local love (Houston & Rochester, NY), cats, modern relationships (platonic or otherwise)


conscious consumerism
ethic of reciprocity (aka the golden rule)
UH-Downtown (Social Work, Business)
continuing education via open sources such as edX



grant: wrighting, application advisement,  & management
compliance & documentation
event planning & execution

[always in development]